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Pack a Lunch

It took me almost 7 years of hunting before I tried this.  It seemed harder to hunt all day, and not go back to camp for lunch.  Truth is, its way easier to pack a lunch, and not have to get all the way out of the woods, drive back to camp, and have lunch, then do it all in reverse.

The advantage of course is that you have all that extra time in the woods.  I use it to change locations, get deeper into the woods, and and allow myself to then mid afternoon (if I want to ) then get closer to the truck again.  This allows me to scout deeper into the woods than I can in a morning or evening.  And it also allows me to hunt 3 spots in one day, rather than just two.  I find i’m also more often in a deeper spot for the evening hunt.  All of these things help increase my chances of getting that deer i’ve been dreaming of all year long.