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How to tell the direction that Deer Tracks are going

Whitetail deer tracks are a great thing to come across, and its one of those important “signs” that there are deer active in the area. If you have snow that has just fallen, it’s even more encouraging to come across a fresh set of tracks.

Deer tracks “point” in the direction of travel

It seems like I googled this every season for the first few seasons I was hunting. It almost looks like either side could be the front / and the direction of travel. They key to remember is that the tracks almost look like an arrow pointing you in the direction where the deer went.

On a Mature buck, you may find that the front hooves of the track splay out. This is more comon in softer ground, and show that it’s older because the constant weight of that larger buck have splayed out the track. In this case it can almost look like a V in front with the two tips pointing away from each other.